At the beginning of the creation, HONHI's academic concept is deeply ingrained. The founder of Mr. Lu's academic accumulation and rigorous attitude established the orthodox "academic" style of management philosophy for HONHI since company was founded. The academic dedication has fully poured into every single piece of craft and design work.In such a purely academic atmosphere, 16 years, HONHI always embodies the numerous industry professional scholars, professors and students with high enthusiasm in this industry together for the relay heritage of common dream. They come from all over the country, with strong passion, a craftsman-like spirit, to work, live, and transmit the "artisan spirit" of HONHI.
HONHI also maintains a strong long-term relationship with Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and other tertiary institutions on cooperation, frequent communication, exchange of information, to provide internship base for the majority of students, and industry exploration with school lectures and professors. We pursuit the forefront of technological innovation of the industry, pour the academic rigor into every piece of work and innovation.